Chairman's Speech

The trend of modern sales and marketing aligns with the modern information technology and internet business modeling. In view of the changing market demand, we, Air Trade Centre Limited, have transformed ourselves to move along with the modern world. Privileged from the trading experience in Hong Kong for over 20 years, with integration of investments on Information Technology and electronic marketing tools , ATC has established a trading platform for ventilation, air-conditioning, mechanical as well as electrical products. We hope these moves will truly bring new surprise to all mechanical and electrical professionals.

Though the dream bubbles were smashed against internet business in 2000, making many people turning their backs, the Internet is still trusted to be your best business partner. Whilst the increasing pressure on operational costs and the severe market competition nowadays have been giving a very hard time to traditional trading business, an e-marketplace is undoubtedly advantageous to enterprises for it will help them lower the cost and increase the efficiency.

No matter you want to buy or sell, our trading platform would be your best business partner! You will find the solution and be rewarded with low cost, high return!