Benefits of Using e-marketplace

By using information technology, ATC delivers the following benefits for its members:

  • To transact in real time
  • More effectively compete in the supply of products and services to the buyers
  • Easier way to buy and sell mechanical & electrical related products online
  • Reduce overhead cost
  • An avenue for users to reach out to the global community of suppliers and buyers in your industry conveniently
  • Significant reduction for M&E members' investment in time and capital required to create and maintain an advanced e-Commerce operation

Important notice:

To Be The Preferred Global Supply Chain Partner in M&E Industry and help M&E Companies To Equip and Compete in The Global Market By Leveraging On Our Areas of Specialization:

  • By simple clicks, members can complete the trade cycle online.
  • ATC cooperates with a panel of banks both local and international, as well as the relevant finance companies. We too, enable members to gain access to Escrow services -- as a third party who monitor the e-Payment process.